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Pin Diagram

Pin Diagram for the upeth

The documentation for the upeth project is coming along. This is a handy pin-out sheet including some useful dimensions and other information. This is also a little sneak peak of the type of design going into the website.


A New Project

Although not many of my project ideas make it off the ground, I am pushing to have achieved at least something in my summer. Hence I am announcing a new project I am doing as part of Carrack Measurement Technology (as well as making a new website). The project is basically a really easy and cheap way of hooking up a micro (STM32) to the Internet/Ethernet. I want to do a couple of little things with it, obviously mostly Internet of things based. I hope to put it up for sale on Carrack, but don’t hold your breath: I have a lot of getting started to do. If you want just the hardware, soldered up or bear, I can probably organize that: comment or PM me. Here is a 3D render of my PCB, which is going off to be made soonish:

PCB 3D render

PCB 3D render

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