More on the emergency glucagon pen


I decided to add some more detail to the mechanism of my previous design. When the plunger is twisted the water bag is pressed into the blade, cutting it open. This water then runs down to the glucagon power, deposited on the nozzle. This then dissolves the power. The plunger can be twisted futher to inject the compound…


Mini glucagon epi-pen

A current glucagon shot used universally, note the two parts which need to combined in a quite complicated application method.


This is a little design of an emergency glucagon pen, ill scan it in later. The chemical is the hormone glucagon which makes your liver release its stored glycogen as glucose, raising your blood sugar. This is to be used when blood sugar is dangerously low with the subject unconscious. The good thing about this design is it is alot easier to use some can be administered by a member of the public with no training and it’s portability allows the user to carry it wherever.

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